Marcel DELHOMMEAU, the eponymous founder of the FUCHSIA DELHOMMEAU company, gives you all his tips as a passionate horticulturist. 

  • Our tomato tips

    You are looking for little tricks to grow your tomatoes. You should find your happiness in this video

  • Cutting

    Cutting is a process of non-sexual vegetative reproduction of plants.

    It involves preparing a small part of a plant, such as a stem fragment, leaf, shoot or root, and placing it in favourable conditions for rooting.

    The result is a plant that is completely similar to the parent plant. Although cuttings can be made manually, they also occur spontaneously in nature in certain plants. For example, a leaf that has fallen to the ground can take root and become a new individual.

    This method of reproduction is closely linked to layering, where a segment of the plant comes into contact with the soil and develops roots while remaining attached to the mother plant.

    Sexual reproduction by pollination, on the other hand, produces a plant with its own distinct characteristics.