Alternanthera 'Party Time'

Reference : ALT-PAR-000

Alternanthera 'Party Time' A very impressive variety with purple-red spots. Like all Iresines, it does not tolerate excess water and should be used in pots or containers. The plant should be pinched back from time to time to ensure a well rounded plant.


The Achyranthe Iresine is a superb plant, with rare and precious colours.

It is very easy to grow, outdoors in spring/summer/autumn and indoors in winter (prune it to refresh it before bringing it in for the winter).

Its flashy colour remains constant and can withstand any exposure.

A little advice: make sure you find a very light coloured pot to contrast the foliage as much as possible.


Dominant colour
Average height
Frost Resistance
Medium resistance
Decorative foliage
Edible plant