Begonia conchifolia

Reference : BEG-CON-000

Begonia conchifolia is a popular ornamental plant thanks to its thick, decorative leaves and charming little flowers. Belonging to the Begonia family, it is easy to grow and is ideal for shady gardens, patios and indoor spaces. Begonias are a family of flowering plants that includes over 1,800 different species.


Charles Plumier was a French botanist, illustrator and writer who travelled to the Caribbean in the 17th The genus Begonia was discovered by Charles Plumier, a French botanist, during his travels in the West Indies in 1690. He named the plant after Michel Begon, a French colonial administrator. Begonia conchifolia is an ornamental plant belonging to the Begonia family, native to the tropical forests of Central and South America. It is easy to grow, prefers soil rich in organic matter and tolerates some shade. It is often grown as a houseplant or used to decorate shady gardens.

General appearance of Begonia conchifolia

Begonia conchifolia is an evergreen plant, which can grow to a height of about 20-30 cm. Its leaves are small and rounded, with a thick texture and a dark green colour. The leaf veins are often marked with red.

What kind of flowering does the Begonia conchifolia have?

The Begonia conchifolia produces small white flowers, slightly tinged with pink, which appear in spring and summer. The flowers are arranged in clusters on top of a small stem and are very decorative.

Where does the Begonia conchifolia come from?

This plant is native to the rainforests of Central and South America and often grows on rocks and cliffs.

How do I grow Begonia conchifolia?

Begonia conchifolia is a relatively easy plant to grow. It prefers soil that is rich in organic matter, well drained and kept moist. It also tolerates some shade. It is sensitive to cold temperatures and draughts.

The substrate is an essential element in keeping your Begonia in the best possible condition. Choose a substrate with sufficient drainage to avoid keeping its roots too moist. The potting soil sold on our site is ideal.

Where to plant your Begonia conchifolia?

The Begonia conchifolia is often grown as a houseplant, but can also be used as a terrarium plant. It is also used to decorate shady gardens or patios. Finally, its leaves are sometimes used in traditional medicine to treat joint pain and skin inflammation.

How do you water your Begonia conchifolia?

As with most plants, we usually recommend moderate watering. It is always easier to revive a plant that has been starved of water than one that has been over-watered. Indeed, the roots of the latter find themselves asphyxiated and often wither, preventing any capacity of recovery after having noticed the damage. On the other hand, if your Begonia conchifolia suffers from a lack of water, its leaves will wither. But as soon as you water it properly, the plant will regain its turgidity in just a few hours.

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