Begonia 'Lima Love'

Reference : BEG-LIM-000

Begonia 'Lima Love' is rather surprising because of its foliage but also because of its flower. The flower, speckled with delicate dark pink spots, rises above the surprisingly light green foliage. The latter has a very chiselled and hairy edge.

Each leaf of Begonia 'Lima Love' has a dark brown border. The darker markings surround each leaf of this begonia variety. The plants take on a naturally rounded shape, their decorative leaves overlapping each other to form a stocky, bushy specimen.


The indoor begonia is a splendid combination of colours and patterns between its leaves and flowers. How do you care for this plant so that it retains its beauty? Here are 12 questions and answers to help you grow it to 100% success!

How do I care for Begonia 'Lima Love'?

To stimulate flowering and feed the substrate of the Begonia 'Lima Love', which requires fertile soil, administer liquid fertiliser twice a month, specially designed for flowering plants. However, make sure you never water or spray the foliage to prevent the spread of powdery mildew.

How to water Begonia 'Lima Love?

During the growing season, usually from April to autumn, water twice a week, making sure that the substrate dries on the surface before the next watering. Avoid overwatering and remember to empty the saucer after each watering. In winter the plant goes dormant and watering is almost completely stopped.

What diseases can affect Begonia 'Lima Love'?

Begonia can be affected by fungal diseases such as botrytis and powdery mildew, which thrive in overly humid conditions. To avoid these diseases, it is best not to get the leaves wet and to water the plant at the base. To prevent these diseases, a decoction of horsetail can be used as a natural fungicide. If the plant is already affected, it is advisable to remove the infected parts and treat with Bordeaux mixture.

What soil should I use for my begonia?

To ensure that begonias feel comfortable, it is best to plant them in rich, light and well-drained soil. Before planting, it is advisable to put a drainage layer (gravel or clay balls) at the bottom of the pot and to make sure that the pot is perforated to allow water to drain away. You can choose a flowering potting soil or a leafy soil, both of which are rich and light.

How do I get the Begonia 'Lima Love' to flower again after winter?

Begonia 'Lima Love' does not produce flowers consistently! In late autumn, the flowers fade and the foliage dries out, but there is no need to worry. During this period the plant goes dormant and should be kept in a cool, well-ventilated place at a temperature of about 10°C. Watering should be stopped to allow the substrate to dry out. The plant should be kept like this until spring, when the temperature should be gradually increased and watering should be resumed slowly. The begonia will then start to flower again.

Where should Begonia 'Lima Love' be placed?

The Begonia Lima Love thrives in a humid environment and will thrive in a bathroom even after a steamy shower. Begonias like bright light but no direct sunlight. You can spray water on your plants to increase the humidity level around the plant. As it grows, remove dead or damaged leaves as soon as you notice them. Water regularly, but be careful not to overwater. Let the compost on your plant dry out a little before watering it again.

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