• Eco-responsible growing visuel 1

For 15 years now, we have been cultivating our products in an eco-responsible way.

Most of our products are no longer treated chemically but with the help of "auxiliaries": predatory insects that destroy undesirable pests. This process is much more effective in reinforcing the natural defences of our plants and for the success of your plantations in your garden.


We save energy; our cultivation programmes are designed to use the last heat of the summer to root our plants, which we deliver the following spring. This saves us a lot of energy during the winter phase and reduces our CO2 emissions.

Most of our pots are recycled and we reuse our own growing trays in order to reduce our share of waste emissions. In parallel, we are developing a culture in biodegradable pots (cf. scented geraniums).

Our 'eco-responsible' choice comes from an observation, that of a useless expenditure of energy. But above all, the quality of the plants was becoming mediocre. In fact, by reducing the use of chemical products on the plant as much as possible, we can see the benefits for the plant, which grows better and is more resistant to the various diseases.

And for a few years now, we have also had the fuchsia'beilles who come to make fuchsia honey: to be tasted on the spot!