Find all the information about fuchsia, from its origins to its classification through its autopsy and even its spelling!

  • Fuchsia's nomenclature

    Find here all the nomenclature of the fuchsia: The genus Fuchsia is part of the family Onagraceae and includes many sections and andemic species. 

  • History of fuchsia

    The botanical expeditions of Louis XIV were missions organised by Colbert in the 17th century to collect rare and exotic plant specimens for the royal gardens of France. It was in 1696 that the first fuchsia was discovered, by the Reverend Father Charles PLUMIER.

  • How to write the word fuchsia ?

    We must admit that writing the word fuchsia correctly does not seem to be accessible to everyone. This name of a flowering plant should really be in Bernard Pivot's dictation! Here is a little mnemonic trick.

  • The Fuchsia Autopsy

    A thorough knowledge of the different parts of a plant and how they function is crucial. It helps to better understand how to grow healthy plants and how to care for them effectively. By doing a fuchsia autopsy we understand how each part of a plant interacts with the others and how it plays a role in the survival of the plant, we can better appreciate what actions to take when something starts to happen to his fuchsia.