Find all the information about fuchsia, from its origins to its classification through its autopsy and even its spelling!

  • Fuchsia's nomenclature

    Find here all the nomenclature of the fuchsia: The genus Fuchsia is part of the family Onagraceae and includes many sections and andemic species. 

  • History of fuchsia

    It was in 1696 that the first fuchsia was discovered by the Reverend Father Charles PLUMIER.

  • How to write the word fuchsia ?

    We must admit that writing the word fuchsia correctly does not seem to be accessible to everyone. This name of a flowering plant should really be in Bernard Pivot's dictation! Here is a little mnemonic trick.

  • The Fuchsia Autopsy

    Description des parties de la plante afin de favoriser la meilleur connaisance des ....