Hedera helix 'Clotted Cream'

Reference : HED-HEL-001

Sometimes difficult to tame and perceived as an invasive plant, ivy nevertheless has a number of advantages that it would be a shame not to use in the garden. Hedera helix 'Clotted Cream' is a member of the Araliaceae family and has undeniable qualities.


The name Hedera is actually a derivation of the Latin word Hedea, meaning rope or tie.

Hedera helix 'Clotted Cream' is a little gem of nature. The edges of its blades are finely and elegantly laced, reminiscent of the pleated ruffles of a beautiful evening dress. Its colour also distinguishes it from other ivy. The leaves are edged with a pale yellow border and the heart is light green. The latter also have the particularity of changing colour as they age. In fact, when they are young, the tips of the leaves have a slightly salmon-coloured border.

This surprising variety has a medium growth rate and needs time to establish itself in its environment. This ivy will first circle the area within a radius of one metre and then, thanks to its spikes, try to climb the nearest element. Hedera helix 'Clotted Cream' does not climb very high, but only grows to a height of about 1.5 metres.
It is an evergreen that is easy to grow and will do well in a variety of locations: in a flower pot or as ground cover, but also along a wall. Because of its variegation and light foliage, it prefers a semi-shade position. However, its preferred location is in dry shade, i.e. under a tree, even a very leafy one.

Did you know that the Hedera is the ancestor of our "modern" garlands: In Roman times, several branches were twisted together to form plant garlands to honour the gods or certain people. And knowing this, we can better understand the origin of its name: Hedera is actually a deviation of the Latin word Hedea meaning: the rope or the tie. The name of the species Helix means "to entwine" in the manner of a spiral.

Type of use
Border - Floor covering - Cut Flower - Climber - Planter - Flower Bed - Pot or Tray
Average height
Decorative foliage
Frost Resistance
High resistance
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