• How to breed a fuchsia visuel 1

Breeding is used exclusively to obtain new varieties.

A new variety is a variety that does not resemble its parents (parent). This new variety must not be assimilated to an existing, approved variety.

To be taken into account, it must also have qualities of flowering, robustness and ease of cultivation.

In order to validate and register this new variety, several years of cultivation and testing are required.


Technical :

The choice of the mother variety is important because this variety must be naturally prolific in berries, otherwise you will be at a great disadvantage.

The choice of parents is important because the different strong points of the variety will follow: colour of the leaves, colour of the sepals or petals, port of the plant, rusticity etc.


The "mother" flower must be castrated as soon as the petals open and then isolated with a veil (castration = removal of the stamens with scissors).

10 days later, remove the veil and check whether the pistil is receptive = sticky. If the conditions are good, sow with pollen collected from a flower of the "father" plant with a small brush. Rub the collected pollen onto the pistil. Close the veil and wait for the berry to form and ripen. If hybridization is successful, pick the berry when it is ripe and collect the seeds.

The seeds should be washed, dried and sown at a temperature of 18-20°C in the soil.

Lifts are very unpredictable, but it is great to see the new flower you have brought into existence one year later.