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Madeira pelargonium

The Madeira pelargonium has unusual characteristics. The architecture of its old leaves gives it a certain aesthetic appeal.

The Madeira pelargonium (Geranium maderense) Giant Herb-Robert is a species of the Geraniaceae family. It is native to the island of Madeira (off the Canary Islands).

This geranium is said to be a traveller. In fact, in its natural environment, it projects its seeds several metres. In order to ensure that the species can continue to grow, the seeds will sprout a small rootlet around them, which will then be carried further by the wind. Then, when it finds the right soil, this little ball of starch will take root and grow horizontally in the soil. As you can see from the photos, this Madeira cranesbill has no trunk. It is its old leaves, which once yellowed, will start to dry out and fold down along its main stem and thus form its crutches.

Little by little, the Madeira cranesbill will then straighten up and reach a height of up to 1.60m including its flowering. A mauve flowering inflorescence for the Geranium maderiensis and a white one for the Geranium maderiensis alba. This flowering, which takes place from the beginning of March to mid-May, takes time, as it takes about 4 years to obtain this magnificent inflorescence weighing about 2kg!