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Founded in 1971 by Marcel & Simone Delhommeau, the family business is now managed by Florian Dominicy in partnership with Michaël Delhommeau. The total surface area of the farm is approximately 10,000 m² of greenhouses. Every year we produce bedding plants, collection plants and vegetable plants.

Over the years, we have built up a remarkable collection of innovative and rare plants for you. Perennials, Streptosolen, Billbergia nutans, Pelargoniums, Fuchsias etc... The passion for fuchsias has led to the production of a very diverse and surprising range. The heterogeneous vegetation of all these species makes the cultivation of this botanical diversity complex. However, our 50 years of experience allow us to master this level of technicality for you.

The company has received numerous awards from its peers for its innovations, both in new products and in marketing and sales support. We have gained this recognition through professional and amateur exchanges. The meetings and impromptu discussions with GARDENERS have allowed us to progress with humility in knowledge and understanding. For those who take the time to touch, feel, look, understand and love plants, come and visit our greenhouse and sale, Mother Nature awaits you.

A healthy lifestyle means gardening, turning over the soil, taking care of flowers, fruit and vegetables, and walking around the vegetable garden or the garden every night before going to sleep...