Perlite - 3L bag

Reference : Perlite

Perlite is the result of a very high temperature firing, which gives it very interesting properties when mixed in a soil.


Perlite, which is of volcanic origin, is expelled by passing through a high-temperature firing stage. This material, of mineral origin, is widely used by horticultural professionals.

This perlite has two assets that make it extremely interesting for the plant. Indeed, it has the capacity to retain 3 times its volume in water thanks to the thousands of holes that decorate these small white granules. Moreover, once it has released its water as your plant needs it, it allows the substrate to be very well aerated.

The granulometry of our perlite is between 0.6 and 6mm, making it very adaptable to the different soils it is mixed with.

We advise you to mix it in a proportion between 30 and 40% with your soil.