Potting soil for cuttings and seedlings - 3L bag

Reference : Terreau_Multi

Sowing and taking cuttings is often very complicated. The main success of this operation lies in the use of a special potting soil.


When sowing or taking a cutting, the plant performs a very delicate and crucial operation: the emission of a root. In order for this step to be carried out in the best possible way, it is advisable to use a substrate that will optimise and facilitate it.

The potting soil for cuttings and seedlings that we offer here is composed of two types of white peat. The first one is a simple blond peat but the second one is an extra-fine Irish blond peat. The latter, together with the black peat, provides an optimal mixture for the implantation of the rootstock.

To these different peats, a little perlite is added. This volcanic rock has the ability to retain up to three times its weight in water and gradually release it to the plant. In addition, it provides additional aeration to the substrate, thus improving the soil properties of this professional potting soil.

A low dosage of fertilizer is added to the potting soil with a dosage of 0.5 kg per cubic meter.