Streptosolen jamesonii

Reference : STR-JAM-000

We decided to include the Streptosolen jamesonii in our collection because it blooms for a whole six months and its colours do not go unnoticed.


Water your Streptosolen jamesonii generously during the summer and restrict watering during the autumn, winter and early spring. Water it so that the substrate is always well moistened.

The Streptosolen is a very light-hungry plant: position it in full sun.

This Mediterranean plant is frosty. In winter, you will need to put it in a warm (about 17°C) and bright room.

The flowering of the Streptosolen is very particular since it is only on the terminal part of the branches. It lasts from March to September.

Your Streptosolen will be pruned in September/October. It is important to respect this period if you want your Streptosolen to flower the following spring. To prune your Streptosolen properly, you should make sure that you get a ball of 25cm above the pot. The new starts will be the future flowers.

In order for the plant to branch out several times, make one or two more light pruning cuts on the new shoots (wait until they are at least 10-15cm tall before cutting them back).

A potassium-enriched fertiliser should be applied from June to September in liquid or solid (slow-release) form.

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