In this folder, Marcel gives a lot of his little tips as a horticultural professional. Moreover, you will be able to take the fuchsia's information (its origins, where does its spelling come from, its history etc...).

Our geranium range also has its own information pages so you won't miss anything about its needs.

Finally, there is information on original vegetables, those that will allow you to impress your guests by making them travel in time and space.

  • Fuchsias informations

    Fuchsia is a genus that includes about 100 species of small deciduous or evergreen trees and shrubs and some perennials native to the mountainous areas of Central and South America and New Zealand.

  • Pelargoniums informations

    Des géraniums, il y en a de toutes les sortes. Vous retrouverez ici quelques fiches explicatives sur les catégories que nous commercialisons sur notre site de vente en ligne de géraniums.

  • Original vegetables informations

    Vous aussi vous cherchez à agrémenter vos plats de curiosités culinaires ? Vous trouverez ici quelques explications sur celles que nous vendons sur notre site de vente en ligne de légumes originaux.