White Epiphyllum

Reference : EPI-BLA-000

White Epiphyllums, the only cacti that grow in tropical and subtropical forests, are rare because of their habit of living in trees. Their flat or triangular stems are virtually thornless and are adorned with beautiful, colourful flowers, especially in hybrids.


The genus Epiphyllum, formerly known as Phyllocactus, consists of about 20 species of Epiphyllums that grow in the hot and humid forests of Brazil and Paraguay. These succulent cacti are also called 'orchid cacti' because they grow on trees, just like tropical orchids. They are rare among the Cactaceae because they live in a humid atmosphere, just like the Christmas cactus. The plants grow from a seed on a branch and feed on decaying debris and ambient moisture. They are therefore not parasites but epiphytes.

 The white Epiphyllum produces a series of green succulent stems that branch out to form a more or less drooping bush. The stems are flat or triangular in cross-section, have wavy or saw-toothed edges and can reach up to 1 metre in length in some species. The cladodes, which act as leaves, have areoles but no prickles.

 The fruits, 3-4 cm long and containing black seeds embedded in a white gelatinous flesh, are edible. They are very similar to the pitaya (red dragon fruit) of the genus Hylocereus, but are less popular.


Where do I put my white Epiphyllum?

In their natural environment, Epiphyllums grow under the canopy of large trees in tropical forests. They therefore prefer a bright, but not direct sunny spot. However, it is important to note that a lack of light can prevent the plant from flowering.


How do I water the Epiphyllum?

During the growing season, water the Epiphyllum once or twice a week, then stop watering from October to March, unless you are growing it in a greenhouse.


What fertiliser should you use for your Epiphyllum?

Use a fertiliser rich in potash every two weeks after the flower buds appear, but do not exceed 10% nitrogen. Stop fertilising after flowering to allow your plant to rest.


How do I repot Epiphyllum?

It is recommended that you repot your young Epiphyllum once a year and every 4 or 5 years for an adult specimen. After being transplanted into its new pot, it is advisable to wait 8 days before watering it, and then to give it small amounts of water during the month following repotting.


How to propagate your white Epiphyllum?

To propagate your white Epiphyllum, you can take a stem cutting in summer. Select a healthy stem, leave it to dry for a few days and then plant it in a mixture of 25% potting soil and 75% river sand. Alternatively, you can sow Epiphyllum seeds in a heated greenhouse in spring. Keep in mind that this method requires a lot of time, as the newly grown plants will not flower for 5 years.


How do I care for the white Epiphyllum?

Aerial roots may form on the stems of the white Epiphyllum, which indicates that the soil in which it is planted is not suitable or is too old, and that the plant is looking for other sources of moisture. An aerated soil rich in vermiculite and perlite is preferable for the water retention of the substrate.

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